Week in Review

1. Oh, saving. Why does something so good sound so… terrible?

I checked my bank account absentmindedly at work on Monday and was so freaked out by what I saw that I then spent my lunch break writing down every expense from the past two months on a memo pad… Easier solution? The LearnVest app. While I’ve used mint before, there’s something about the interface and user experience in LearnVest that I prefer. At the end of the day though, linking an account to ANY app and seeing how much money you’re spending on things like restaurants and haircuts is so important to figuring out the way to properly budget.

I’ve set “money for school” goals each summer and they’ve been a lifesaver… primarily because those Baked and Wired and Oyamel trips aren’t going to fund themselves.


2. What does summer in the city actually mean? As per last weekend’s discovery, I think it may mean a $30 blow up pool from Target (that we actually inflated using a hairdryer – thanks Ask.com!) and summery strawberry margaritas. While we used fresh strawberries and bottled mix, I’ve been investigating an alternative recipe or two for this weekend. For adults only. Of which I am not. Duh.

3. Sad news: I lost my 10k gold Westover class ring this past May while I was moving out of school.
Sad fact: I’m not planning on spending that much money to get my ring back any time soon, even though that thing was and easily is one of my most treasured objects.

However, I do love how the signet rings at Letters by Zoe have the exact same shape – round, flat face. Maybe a replacement piece is on the horizon? A girl can hope.

4. I recently thought about someone who hasn’t crossed my mind in ages… Ann Curry. Though this article is a little old (2013), I read it to the very end earlier this week. Though one must take what’s said with a grain of salt, understanding a bit more about Ann’s exit and the “new” face of the Today Show is fascinating to me. As someone who has always been fascinated (and passionate!) about media and broadcast television, the portrayal of big business as it relates to something so daily in my life is intriguing and frankly… a little terrifying. Check it out.


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