Day Trip to Rockport

Dan came up from Connecticut this past weekend, and I was faced with the all-too-familiar question: will end-of-work-week exhaustion trump my desire to have a fun (and fulfilling) weekend? I don’t know about you guys, but Friday rolls around and I’m exhausted. Like, eat take-out and watch approximately 1.5 episodes of Suits before passing out exhausted. The past couple weekends of travel and guests have left me especially tuckered out, and this weekend was no exception.

Luckily though, I’ve got a low-maintenance, easy going boyfriend, so Saturday morning, I rallied – and off we were to Rockport, Massachusetts!

Rockport is a small, coastal town of 7,000 residents located around 40 miles north of Boston on the tip of the Cape Ann peninsula. The 70 minute driving time from South Boston meant that it was the perfect distance away for a day trip; long enough to feel like we were actually going somewhere, but short enough that the day wasn’t spent in the car. The weather was pretty okay, in New England terms, at least; it was around 70 degrees and overcast.

A few notes on our day trip:

– We took the trolley from the Park and Ride, which, incidentally, shares a lot with the recycling center. Yay for small towns! It’s basically two-dollar parking per person, as the parking is free but the trolley is a dollar each way. After a quick drive through the town, we realized that finding parking on a Saturday just wasn’t going to happen; in retrospect, I wish that we hadn’t wasted the half hour and taken the trolley from the get-go.

– There’s tons of cute shopping and eating, and I counted no fewer than 8 or 9 ice cream shops. Other fun shops included a pewter store (which makes all of their own products in-house), and a dog store that makes whale, lobster, and squirrel shaped cookies. That being said, I suggest making a game plan. For us, that meant grabbing a bite to eat, shopping, and then finishing up with gelato. An aside – I’m newly lactose intolerant (I know… don’t get me started, I’m still weeping over my lactaid tablets) so it was sorbetto for me… but with flavors like cantaloupe and raspberry champagne, I wasn’t too miserable.

– Rockport stands in for Sitka, Alaska in The Proposal. So neat! I think we were lucky, for Dan’s sake, that we didn’t run into Ryan Reynolds… because I would be in his finely toned and chiseled arms in a heartbeat. 😉

DSC_0335-23 DSC_0332-22

Stumptown Cold Brew is delicious, by the way; like all cold-brews, you lose the acidity and bitterness of a regular iced coffee. Unlike other cold-brews, you also get a great glass (I’m seeing a single-stem vase usage in this bottle’s future), and the authenticity of a metal bottlecap.


Fun fact about me: I am AFRAID of rocks. I know it’s embarrassing. But really, think about it – jetties have so many places you could slip and fall or get a limb stuck and have to saw it off using another rock, like 127 hours-style. When they’re wet and algae covered they’re slippery… and when they’re dry they could totally scrape you up. Yep, I’m terrified.

DSC_0306-15 DSC_0319-19 DSC_0373-29

Purchases for the day included fudge and this candle (how they bottled mermaid kisses is beyond me), and the ride home involved getting lost on Storrow Drive and listening to Throwing Shade.

Sigh, if only perfect days didn’t make heading back to the work week so much worse…

PS: only 38 days until move-in!


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