Weekend on the Vineyard

It’s a 90 minute drive from my house to Woods Hole. From there, it’s a 45 minute ferry to Vineyard Haven. Total, it’s under a two and a half hour trip… but it truthfully feels worlds away from the Boston metropolitan area, my blow-up pool, the rush of passing commuter rails, and the stress of work.

Some weekends are so wonderful that returning home feels almost painful. Other weekends are so wonderful that they leave you happy for the week to follow. This weekend was the latter.

Andie and I see each other a handful of times a year now; though we live in the same city during the academic year, her days are filled with sailing practice and classes that even just hearing about make me want to crawl into a humanities-filled hole, and it’s nearly impossible to make both of our schedules mesh well enough for a meal out together or even an errant cupcake. Seeing your high-school best friend is always a treat, even if you see each other often; a weekend of quality time together was made even better by perfect weather (80 degrees, sunny, and breezy… sigh.)

This was only my second trip to Martha’s Vineyard – I visited Andie three years ago – and it’s as magical as ever.

Here are some highlights from the weekend – I’ll leave the travel tips to the islanders and dedicated vacationers… and maybe even TripAdvisor (employer shout out).

Andie is going to kill me for posting this 

Saturday night we had dinner at the Port Hunter in Edgartown. Andie and I agreed that the appetizers looked better than the entrees (but who are we kidding… everything looked so good), and so we decided on a smorgasbord. Highlights from the meal included elote (Mexican corn on the cob with ingredients like queso fresco, chile, and lime slathered on), buffalo brussel sprouts with a blue cheese whip, and because we couldn’t just stick to one side of the globe, Thai-style mussels. Shout out to Izzy with her avo-burger and the calamari that was so good we may or may not have thought about licking the plate.

After dinner, we took a stroll down to the lighthouse for a sunset – talk about #romance. I really have a thing for historical homes, shutters, hydrangeas, and nice cars… so Main Street in Edgartown may be my heaven.

Sunday morning was glorious as ever – I slept in to 9:30, which is relatively unheard of for me! – and that afternoon we headed over to Aquinnah for the day. The clay cliffs are beautiful, and that section of the island has a different feel – one more akin to rural New England than of an island.

We shot some photos (including corny ones… you’ll see below), and found a mermaid that washed ashore… all in a regular day’s work, I guess.

I caught the 7:15 ferry and was ashore by 8pm – this sunset near Woods Hole, below, was the nicest farewell from a truly wonderful weekend. At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like being with one of your oldest friends (and your surrogate family!) whether you’re in DC, Massachusetts (Boston or the Vineyard), or Connecticut. I’m comforted knowing that thirty years from now we’ll probably be doing the same thing we did this past weekend… though the mermaids may be a bit less youthful.


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