Places I Love: City Feed & Supply (Jamaica Plains, MA)

Laughing about artisanal, crunchy-granola stores is the easy way out. Look, I don’t blame you if what comes to mind is the asparagus-water Whole Foods debacle and articles about what foods hipsters may have ruined.

City Feed and Supply in JP (they also have a Boylston location) is different. Yes, there may be some weird off-brand kombucha that was probably fermented in some nice Vermonter’s basement next to his lovingly wrapped goats milk cheeses – but the difference is that the place has heart, humility, and also happens to fry their bacon to absolute perfection. City Feed and Supply is respectful of the terms “fair trade” and “organic” without being trite or condescending, and I love to the devotion to the locally-owned and grown.

Try their breakfast sandwiches – they’re simple, well-made, and the Vermont cheddar truly shines.  (I’m also hooked on their iced coffee, and I have real respect for any establishment that realizes the importance of sugar syrup for iced drinks and iced tea.)

Be prepared to wait, but don’t worry – if there’s a shred of you that still thinks artisanal, crunchy-granola types are funny, you’ll find the people watching nearly as impeccable as the food.

Visit their website here. They have locations in Jamaica Plains, MA – off of the orange line – on Boylston Street at 66a Boylston St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 and Centre Street at 672 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA. b790afe26ad491d09ff0082a7ede8152


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